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Relocation’s impact on your child custody order

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Whether married or unmarried, parents are often faced with many unexpected events. However, the weight of these events can feel heavier and more challenging for parents that are no longer together.

When establishing a child custody agreement, a parent often considers the near future when determining the best arrangements. While the best interests of the children are paramount when establishing a custody order, the needs and wants of the parents are also considered.

Relocation and child custody

Even with remote or hybrid options remaining the dominate work structures in Texas and elsewhere, the need or the desire to relocate for a job remains. The Veenstra Law Firm, P.L.L.C. understands the issues involved with relocating, which is why our attorneys work diligently to pursue the most favorable action for our clients and their children.

The impact relocation will have on your custody order will depend on the current order and the distance the parent seeks to relocate. In some instances, a relocation may not warrant a change in the order, despite it causing some challenges for scheduling and exchanges.

However, if the distance exceeds what is listed by state statute, then the relocation will need approval by the other parent. If a parent files to relocate with the child and the other parent contests it, then it the matter may need to go through mediation or litigation to reach a resolution.

Custody modification

If you seek to relocate with your child and the other parents seeks to maintain their visitation rights, then it will be necessary to seek modification of the order. While this may require vacation times and summer breaks to be primarily with the non-custodial parent, it is important to understand your options as you navigate the possible custody arrangements available for your situation.

Whether you are establishing child custody, filing to relocate or are seeking modifications due to substantial changes in circumstances, it is important to not only understand your legal options but to also recognize your parental rights and how to protect them. A legal professional can help answer any questions you have when navigating a child custody matter.