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Experienced Judgment In Mediation

If you are wondering about mediation and how it works, I can help you. My name is attorney Sam Veenstra. I have helped clients resolve family disputes throughout the Galveston County and the League City, Texas, area for more than a decade.

The Mechanics Of Mediation

A mediator is not a judge. Instead, the mediator is a neutral third party.

The mediator’s job is to help both parties come up with an agreement on their own, rather than having a court do it for them. A mediator speaks with both parties, sometimes together and always separately, to help them understand the issues, the strengths and weaknesses of both cases, and how the matter could play out in court if mediation were not to succeed.

Issues Discussed In Mediation Are Not Made Public

Many people also mediation because the communications in mediation remain confidential. That means what you say in mediation to get a matter resolved cannot later be used against you in court. That confidentiality often gives people the confidence they need in order to make the mediation process work.

Your Partner And Guide Through The Mediation Process

You do not go into mediation alone. You will work with me, one-on-one, to understand the issues in your case. Together, we will develop a strategy responsive to your unique needs.

There is no one, single way to approach a mediation. Instead, I work with you as your lawyer to ensure that the approach taken matches your goals.

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