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Two is better than one: Planning for sustainable co-parenting

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2024 | Divorce |

Couples facing divorce might have numerous conflicts, but they will almost always agree on providing a good life for their children. For most parents, taking the time to jointly develop a strong co-parenting arrangement is the best choice for the future. 

Emotional impact on children 

Every child reacts differently to their parents’ divorce. Depending on their age, children might experience confusion, discomfort, sadness, guilt or even anger at the news of their parent’s separation. This sudden change in their lives could have a lasting effect on them. Properly discussing the divorce and new living arrangements with your kids is essential moving forward.  

Sustainable co-parenting arrangements 

Co-parenting and custody are often discussed together. Separating couples who want to pursue a co-parenting arrangement usually agree on having joint legal custody. This allows them to have shared responsibility for most decisions for their children. 

The key to having effective co-parenting arrangements is open communication. They must set aside their conflicts and prioritize their children’s physical and emotional needs. Here are some tips for a sustainable co-parenting arrangement: 

  • Work as a team: Both parents must actively participate in every aspect of their children’s life. Thus, parents need to collaborate and have a consensus on major decisions. 
  • Be consistent: Parents should keep their rules and disciplinary style consistent, no matter who the child is with. Consistency helps avoid confusion for the children. 
  • Respect personal boundaries: Like their children, separated parents experience emotional turmoil as they adjust to their new situation. Maintaining a respectful boundary allows each other to heal through the process.  

Having the support of both parents is crucial for a child’s growth. On the other hand, raising a kid is difficult, especially when done alone. Co-parenting might be a good option for separating parents who want to maintain a good relationship among family members, but every family has a different story. Seeking help from legal experts might be the best route to ensure that your post-divorce plans serve the best interest of your child’s wellbeing.