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August 2018 Archives

Divorce could be contagious

Researchers have discovered a surprising and alarming trend that is happening in Texas and around the country. Those who have close friends who get a divorce are 75 percent more likely to get divorced themselves. The study conducted by Brown University, Harvard and the University of California at San Diego found that even the divorce of a friend of a friend can have an impact on the likelihood of separation.

Divorced households may struggle during retirement

Going through a divorce can cast a long financial shadow, and a study released by the Center for Retirement Research reveals that the net worth of divorced households in Texas and around the country is about 30 percent lower than married households. The Boston College-based group also says that divorced spouses are 7 percent more likely to struggle financially during their retirement years. The study, which was published in June 2018, used figures from the Federal Reserve's latest Survey of Consumer Data.