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What should be in a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce proceedings tackle factors that would affect you, your ex and your children’s lives during and after the process. At a certain point, you and your former spouse would need to discuss and set up a parenting plan, whether formal or informal.

Some couples might need a stricter and more complex plan because of factors affecting the children’s well-being. Still, you must figure out the kids’ arrangements and document them in an agreement, even if your case has little to no complications.

A parenting plan usually has the following elements:

  • Designated schedule for parenting time
  • Holidays and occasions that might affect the child’s regular schedule
  • Procedures when making modifications to the parenting plan
  • Obligations and decision-making process of parents regarding various matters affecting the child
  • Financial support for multiple expenses, including education, medical care and other needs
  • Details determining how each parent will take the child to the other
  • Agreements regarding significant life changes, such as relocation
  • Methods for dispute resolution without going to court

You and your ex could include other matters in your parenting plan, especially if you have children with special needs. You could address specific issues depending on the family’s circumstances.

Prioritize your children’s best interest

There is no one-size-fits-all arrangement for divorcing couples who want to make the best accommodations for their children. Each family is unique, and you need to prioritize your kids so that they can adjust to the situation. Their needs might also change as they grow and adapt.

Your parenting plan must always reflect what is best for your children. By working together, you and your ex can give them the support they need to help them have fulfilling lives.