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Making the divorce process more civil

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2019 | Divorce |

Divorce is an arduous process that can bring out the worst in people. During a divorce, people who loved each other once can sometimes act as if they are bitter enemies, trying to hurt the other person at every turn. As a result, it is important for people going through divorce to make the process be as amicable as possible.

To begin with, couples trying to imagine what kind of problems could show up during the divorce can look at the history of their marriage for guidance. They should try to answer questions such as how they resolved their conflicts and how each person handles hostile scenarios.

Also, couples divorcing one another should be attentive to any warning signs that a storm is on its way. These signs can range from simple shifts in body language and tone to what is actually being said by either spouse during the proceedings. In such a manner, they’ll be able to avert disaster before it is too late.

Above all, each party has to restrain themselves and refrain from emotional outbursts, regardless of how powerful the emotion may be. An emotional outburst will only lead the other party to retaliate in kind. It is important that if either party feels that they need to lunge at the other person, they should hold it in. Alternatively, if the other party has already started making the interaction hostile, then it behooves the other person to remain centered and to not let the conversation spiral out of hand.

Ideally, divorce can be a joint problem-solving process where both parties are working together toward a common goal: mutually acceptable terms for property division and child custody if applicable. In that vein, some individuals might benefit from reaching out to experienced lawyers for help navigating these turbulent waters with some semblance of civility.