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What is the best timesharing plan for child custody and access?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Child Custody |

Figuring out child custody and parenting time plans is a legal and logistical challenge that thousands of parents face in Texas each year. Frequently, it seems like there is no simple solution to this issue, regardless of whether the parents were married or not. The relationship between the parents – or lack thereof – is a different dynamic than the relationship between each parent and the child.

So, what is the best timesharing plan for child custody and access? According to a recent news article, research shows that a 50/50 time split between the parents is what is best for the child.

Shared parenting

Research of children who grew up in a 50/50 time split with parents who did not stay together apparently do equally well as children who grow up with both parents together. The parent-child relationship of those in the “shared” parenting model was of higher quality, as was the child’s behavior and emotional and academic outcomes, among other factors.

This shared parenting model is, of course, a shift from how things were done in the past, back when it was seemingly presumed that the mother was the best parent to nurture and guide a child to adulthood. Nowadays, as this recent article suggests, it is becoming clearer to courts in Texas and across the country that both parents need to be involved in the child’s life for the child to fully thrive. If you are facing a challenging child custody issue, be sure to understand your options to pursue the best access and custody solution.