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For those 30 and under, job choice may lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Divorce |

We all know that marriage is work. But, can our job actually affect our marriage. Well, for those under 30, according to statistics, the answer may be, yes.


The fact that a job could affect a marriage is not necessarily that surprising because we have all likely heard that much debated statistic that about half of all marriages end in divorce. According to an analysis by a job seeking website, Zippia, after analyzing recent U.S. Census Data, for those under 30, one’s career may feed that number.

The highest divorce rates

Well, while those blue-collar workers in skilled trades may have a reputation for easily finding dates, it also turns out that they also have high divorce rates as conveyors, dredgers and hoist and winch operators have the highest divorce rates. They are followed by: avionics technicians; small engine mechanics; loggers; and medical administrative assistants and secretaries.

The lowest divorce rates

Surprisingly, at least for those 30 and under, more professional careers have the lowest divorce rates. In the top three spots are doctors and other life scientists, followed by physical therapists. These professions are followed by software developers, judicial workers (i.e., clerks, lawyers, judges, etc.), pharmacists and speech pathologists.

Key takeaways

For our League City, Texas, readers, along with our readers in Harris, Galveston and Brazoria counties and throughout Texas, a key takeaway is that one’s job matters. Now, these numbers do not tell us why these jobs matter in a divorce. After all, while blue-collar work may make one exhausted at the end of the day, doctors often have long hours as well. Perhaps, it may be the increased financial stability from the more traditional, professional fields. Either way though, it likely comes down to spending to time with our spouses and being able to afford the lives we want.