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Is there any advantage to divorcing early on or later in life?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Divorce |

Some people in the League City area whose marriage is on the rocks may have been together for only a few years while others have been wed for decades. When divorce is on the horizon, you may wonder if there is an “ideal” time to end your marriage.

An early divorce has advantages, disadvantages

Some people may be married five years or less when they decide to divorce. A divorce early on in the marriage can have some benefits, especially if it is a couple’s first marriage and the couple is relatively young. This is because people in such situations often do not have a great deal of assets to split up during the property division process, and spousal maintenance may not be an issue if both spouses are working and can support themselves independently.

However, young couples may also have young children. While an infant or toddler may not be as impacted by a divorce as an older child, parents of young children will remain tied together post-divorce through the common goal of raising their child. This entails cooperation and respect, two things that may be lacking, especially if the divorce was a difficult one. Child custody issues can be a source of contention when young parents divorce.

A late-in-life divorce also has advantages, disadvantages

Couples who have been married for decades face different divorce issues than their younger counterparts. For example, if their children are grown and on their own, issues such as child custody and child support are not present, which could simplify the divorce process.

However, older couples may have accumulated a great deal of assets that must be sorted out and divided in a divorce. In addition, if a couple is near retirement or has already retired, the division of retirement accounts and spousal maintenance takes center stage, as these couples may be concerned about how they will maintain their lifestyle post-divorce. And couples who stayed together “for the kids” may have a lot of built up resentment that can make a divorce especially acrimonious.

There is no “right” age to divorce

Ultimately, whether you divorce after a few years of marriage, in your middle age or after decades of marriage, you are going to face divorce issues that need sorting out during what is understandably an emotional time. For this reason, it can help to have the assistance of a family law attorney who understands the legal issues present in your divorce, and can help you make informed decisions as you move forward in the divorce process and beyond.