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Strategies that help co-parents navigate new challenges

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Child Custody |

A divorce can cause a lot of pain. Having children makes things even more complicated, especially since parents have to help the child process their pain and still make good parenting decisions. Texas co-parents may be interested in learning some strategies to help them as they navigate through new challenges after a divorce.

Some of the problems that led to the divorce may make it difficult for co-parents to communicate. It may be helpful to use online tools or email to keep conversations documented and peaceful. The last thing a wise co-parent would want to do is use a child as a messenger. This could cause damage to the child and lead to messages being relayed incorrectly.

One aspect of raising children after a divorce that is especially painful is spending less time with the children and missing out on important moments in their lives. Successful co-parents have found that when they send each other pictures of those big moments, they can more easily cope with the pain.

Part of helping a child successfully cope with life after their parents divorce is maintaining consistency. When co-parents can agree on what their child’s schedule will look like and what rules will be established in each household, this standard routine and consistency will help a child feel secure and safe.

Being flexible when it comes to a visitation schedule can also be helpful. If a child gets to enjoy some recreation and no harm is done, allowing a request for a change in the schedule to take place can be beneficial.

While some co-parents are able to successfully raise happy and healthy children, there are some situations where a person has serious concerns about their children spending time with their ex-spouse. An individual may want to speak with a lawyer to see what options are available for changing a child custody arrangement. The attorney might be able to tell them what steps they need to take or let them know if a modification is possible.