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There are a few living options during a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Divorce |

When a Texas couple is going through a divorce, there are still questions that remain. One of the major things that still needs to be decided is where to live during the process. This is a matter of emotional, financial and practical balance. The three primary options for most people are to stay in the family home, buy a new one or rent a place to live.

Leaving the family home can be emotionally difficult, especially in cases where children are involved. There can be value in keeping this aspect of life consistent while other aspects are changing. Individuals who decide to stay in the home should keep a detailed log of all costs related to upkeep, including cleaning, utilities, maintenance and taxes. These costs may be relevant during the property division phase of the divorce.

If it’s an option financially, buying a new home can be a good way to transition between lifestyles pre- and post-divorce. It may be a good opportunity to build equity as well, but it comes with the cost of the house, transaction costs and the costs of new furnishings. Renting can give the benefits of a transitional place as well, and it is less costly. The problem is that no equity is built, but it can give a person time and room to make quality decisions.

Once the decision has been made, there are a variety of divorce legal issues to contend with. Many couples choose to try and negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement with the help of their respective family law attorneys rather than litigating these matters.