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Taking care of children after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Child Custody |

One of the things Texas parents can do to protect their children after a divorce is to make sure that the children feel loved by their parents and stepparents. They should also be able to feel love for both of their parents and stepparents without having to battle issues of disapproval or guilt for doing so; parents need to avoid discouraging children from demonstrating open affection to a beloved stepparent.

After a divorce, children also have the right to express negative and positive feelings that their parents do not ignore. It is highly likely that the children will have a lot of emotional responses to the divorce, and it is important that their parents provide an environment in which those emotions can be freely expressed and validated.

Divorced parents should also make sure that their children do not feel compelled to choose one parent over the other. It is not unusual for children to believe that they are being disloyal if they favor one parent more than the other. Parents need to demonstrate their support for their children having and enjoying their time with the other parent.

The children should also be allowed to spend quality time with their friends, even if it disrupts the scheduled established for the parenting plan. Children need to have social time with people their own age in order to develop emotionally and socially. Time with their friends should be encouraged by the parents.

A family law attorney may consider the factors of a custody case and advise clients of their legal options for resolving child custody issues. The attorney may work to obtain the desired terms for a parenting plan, visitation times or parental relocation.