Misdemeanors Really Do Matter

Too many people in the League City area decide to represent themselves when they face misdemeanor criminal charges. For some reason, they think a misdemeanor is somehow a minor criminal charge.

It most definitely is not.

Protecting Your Future Today

A misdemeanor involves a conviction. It also involves having that conviction on your public record when background checks are performed for professional or educational reasons.

As a result, a misdemeanor can mean lost opportunities. Those lost opportunities change lives.

You do not, however, have to make the mistake of using your own criminal defense case as an opportunity to be your own lawyer. Instead, you can rely on me, attorney Samuel W. Veenstra, to protect your rights and your future.

I work to protect your rights with regard to a number of different misdemeanor charges, including, for instance:

  • Assault
  • DWI
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Drug possession

Whatever the charges, you will be able to count on me to provide you with the advice you need in order to understand your legal options. Better, my ten years of legal experienced means I can help you choose wisely from those options.

I can do that because I take the time to work with you personally. That means I know how to listen to you and get to know you so I can provide you with legal guidance custom-tailored to your specific circumstances.

Contact My Office Today

To schedule your initial consultation with my Galveston County office, please contact me at 832-779-8529. You can also reach me online to make your appointment.