Dividing Your Marital Property In A Divorce

A divorce can be an emotionally fraught time. By dissolving your marriage, you are effectively changing the course of your life, and a lot of change can happen in a short period of time. With all of the issues that can surround a divorce, pragmatic matters such as property division sometimes receive insufficient attention.

An experienced divorce attorney can help. The Veenstra Law Firm P.L.L.C. works with divorcing clients in League City, Galveston and beyond as they seek to protect their best interests during the property division process. The Veenstra Law Firm understands that these can be contentious matters, and it always look to locate the most optimal path available for its clients.

Several Factors Can Impact Your Property Division

State laws can vary greatly when it comes to dividing marital property. For its part, Texas is a “community property” state, which means that most property a couple accumulates during a marriage is up for a division in a divorce. This does not mean, however, that an even split is guaranteed. A judge may weigh several factors when deciding how to divide assets between you and your spouse, including, for instance:

  • The circumstances of your divorceIf one spouse can be assigned fault for causing the divorce, it may impact how your property is divided.
  • The earning capacities for both parties — Should your spouse have a diminished earning capacity due to your marriage, they could be in line for a greater share of your marital assets.
  • The health of both you and your spouse — Physical health conditions, as well as the medical costs that they elicit, may be considered by the court.
  • Possession and access matters — If one parent obtains primary physical custody of their children, that could skew the division of property.

The Veenstra Law Firm recognizes that issues surrounding property division are rarely simple. As a lawyer, The Veenstra Law Firm boasts extensive experience in family law, and routinely works with high net worth individuals and business owners throughout Galveston County. The Veenstra Law Firm can also provide you with effective assistance in dividing complicated assets like professional practices, real estate and retirement accounts.