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Studies find women less reluctant to seek divorce than men

Despite the stereotype that women are more interested in marriage than men, studies show that they are more likely to seek a divorce. In 2015, research from the American Sociological Association found that in more than two-thirds of divorces, women were the initiators. Women in Texas and around the country may seek a divorce because of a lack of support for their career and an expectation that they will do most of the child care and housework even if they work outside the home.

Why some couples consider drafting a postnuptial agreement

Married individuals in Texas who are considering a financial reset may be interested in learning about a postnuptial agreement. It is similar to a prenuptial agreement, but it is signed by both spouses during the marriage as opposed to before it. It will protect assets that are accumulated during a marriage in case of future separation or divorce.

Divorce trends in January

Texas couples who were contemplating ending their marriage in December may go through with it in January. That is because the first month of the year is a notoriously popular time for married couples to call it quits. Studies show divorce filings rise from December to January, and people start searching for 'divorce" on Google more than ever.

How prenups can benefit engaged couples

While most couples in Texas like to focus on the excitement surrounding an engagement, it is also necessary to focus on the pragmatic side of the pending marriage. In order to ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding issues that could arise during the marriage or in case of a divorce, they need to discuss finances. Drawing up a prenuptial agreement before they tie the knot can be helpful for both parties.

How divorce impacts a person's finances

A divorce may cause emotional pain, and for women in Texas, the financial ramifications may be even more significant. This is because the typical woman makes 81% of what a typical man makes in a given year. Furthermore, women are more likely than men to obtain custody of their children. However, there are steps that individuals of either gender can take to ensure that they are as financial secure as possible before, during and after a divorce.

Pros and cons of a strategic divorce

Some couples in Texas might wonder whether they would benefit from what is sometimes called a "strategic divorce." In a strategic divorce, a couple splits on paper in order to save on taxes or to help one spouse qualify for Medicaid. A divorce could also mean that there is more financial aid available for a child's college education. However, there are a number of potential drawbacks.

Keeping the home in a divorce

Dividing property in a divorce is rarely a simple process, and dealing with a house is no exception. If one person in Texas plans to buy out a spouse and keep the home, there are several considerations to keep in mind.

Coping with common financial challenges after a divorce

Ending a Texas marriage usually results in financial challenges as former spouses rebuild their individual lives. People who once shared incomes and expenses must live off single incomes while sometimes paying debts and new expenses like child support. Careful budgeting and lifestyle adjustments typically help people make the transition, but they must give particular attention to health insurance, tax filing status and building credit.

There are a few living options during a divorce

When a Texas couple is going through a divorce, there are still questions that remain. One of the major things that still needs to be decided is where to live during the process. This is a matter of emotional, financial and practical balance. The three primary options for most people are to stay in the family home, buy a new one or rent a place to live.

Warning signs for hidden assets during a divorce

Texas couples who were once brought together over a deep romantic connection may find that their relationship turns sour over the years, leading to bitterness and even hatred. In some cases, this can manifest in bitter fights during a divorce. Spouses may battle over their wealth and assets, with each party making a case for why he or she deserves more. These battles may be especially pronounced for couples who have accumulated a significant amount of wealth over time. Unfortunately, a drawn-out process can deplete the wealth held by both parties. However, some spouses may resort to unethical methods in an attempt to claim a greater share of property in the divorce.