Know Your Rights When Charged With DWI

Getting stopped for DWI does not mean the case is over. Unfortunately, too many people treat it that way. Instead of retaining a lawyer, they make the mistake of trying to represent themselves or, worse, simply pleading guilty.

My name is Samuel W. Veenstra and I am a DWI defense attorney. At my Galveston County firm, I make it my job to help you understand your legal options. Even if you have been told you have no such options, you should come see me. Let me give you a professional’s opinion on where your case stands.

Get Candid Legal Guidance And Strong Advocacy

You can count on me to help you understand how to move forward. When it comes to protecting your rights, you may have options available to you including:

  • Challenging any evidence before it even gets to court
  • Disputing breath tests and other field tests
  • Protecting your rights against an illegal search and seizure
  • Negotiating on your behalf for lesser charges
  • Seeking the outright dismissal of the case against you

I have been representing clients from throughout the League City, Texas, area for more than a decade. As a result, I have the experienced legal judgment you want when your rights are on the line.

Further, I provide you with DWI defense services in a uniquely personalized setting. When you work with me, you will know that your case is being handled by me from start to finish. I do not use attorneys in training.

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