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What may happen to a business in a divorce

Business owners in Texas can protect company assets in case of divorce with a prenuptial agreement. However, it can be difficult for spouses to talk about prenups and the possibility of divorce. Therefore, another option is to address divorce-related issues in the company's organizing documents. These documents may be written to grant a cash award for a spouse in lieu of actually dividing the business.

Divorce could be contagious

Researchers have discovered a surprising and alarming trend that is happening in Texas and around the country. Those who have close friends who get a divorce are 75 percent more likely to get divorced themselves. The study conducted by Brown University, Harvard and the University of California at San Diego found that even the divorce of a friend of a friend can have an impact on the likelihood of separation.

Talking to children about prenups

Parents in Texas who anticipate the time when their children will marry may want to consider teaching them about prenuptial agreements before they go to college. People can use a prenuptial agreement to ensure that their interests are protected should they get a divorce.

Child support can be affected by disability

When a parent in Texas experiences an acquired disability, it can have a major impact on their life, including their ability to work or conduct many of the same activities they have loved for years. In addition, a disability that affects a person's ability to work can also have a significant impact on their ability to pay child support. Child support orders are issued based on a statewide formula that reflects the income of the paying parent and that helps a child continue to benefit from both of their parents' standard of living.